Flexible Pricing Plans

Whether you need to make an occasional conference call or manage large webinar events, whether you run a sales organization that meets daily or you are interested in reselling conferencing services, Spiderphone offers the ideal solution, with a large variety of account management and billing options. Contact us for further detals.


Phone-initiated "reservationless" calls (with host code & default participant code)

Web-based reservations default or secure one-time codes, recurring calls, email confirmations, audience options.

Crystal-clear ISDN telephone bridging (not VoIP)

Web-based line controls (e.g. mute/hold/hangup)

Active talker display: always know who is talking

Panelist/Audience mode for large calls (audience hold/mute, Q&A, raise hand, etc.)

Start/stop recording, entry/exit tones, dial-out

Web-based Flash playback of recorded webinar presentations with PowerPoint.

Downloadable mp3 and Real Media recordings for Podcast

Online invoices with, times, names and numbers of all participants, the moment your call ends.

Operator assistance on demand

Multiple calls at the same time


Manage your subaccounts, all billed to master


Ticketed calls (unique assigned code per participant)

With 24 hour notice

With 24 hour notice

Charge codes per call, subtotaled on invoices

Present PowerPoint to all web participants


Desktop sharing


Professional moderators

With 24 hour notice
With 24 hour notice

Maximum number of callers

160 Without prior noticeVARIES BY PLAN

US-based customer service, easily accessible by phone, chat, and email.

Monthly fee
None10 seats $99
25 seats $189
30 seats $224
40 seats $289
50 seats $339
100 seats $599

Toll dial in (212)

4.5cpm ppUNLIMITED
6 cpm pp*9 cpm pp*
Your first call is less than 5 minutes away


* cpm pp = Cents per minute per person